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WATERFALLS *Optional Upgrade
  • Customize to any Dream
  • Fully Automate with Bluetooth, Timer & Remote
  • Built in LED Lighting
  • Standard White, Grey, Tan or Clear
  • Also available Copper, Brass or Stainless Steel
  • Sizes up to 48"
  • Optional Rock & Tile Features can be added
Waterfall 2.png
Bubbler 6.png
BUBBLERS *Optional Upgrade
  • Add to Beach Entries, Spas, Sun Shelves, Tanning Ledges & Landscape Features
  • Fully Automate with Bluetooth, Timer & Remote
  • Built in LED Lighting
  • Standard White, Grey, Tan, Clear or Black
  • Installs completely flush to pool floor
  • Sizes: 4" or 8"
  • Recommended Max depth of 14"-16" below surface of water for full effect
  • Optional: Add blower for more dramatic effect
  • Multi-Tier fountains available for classic fountain shape
WALL & DECK JETS *Optional Upgrade
  • Adjustable & Non Adjustable 
  • Fully Automate with Bluetooth, Timer & Remote
  • Variety of Nozzle Designs: Single, Double or Triple Stream, and Fan Designs
  • Mounting plates available in moulded colors, solid brass or chrome
  • Standard White, Grey, Tan, or Black caps included
  • Create streams up to 10ft high 
Deck Jets 3.png
Artificial Rock4.png
*Optional Upgrade

Swimming Pool Waterfalls by RicoRock®

RicoRock® is the faster and better way to build artificial rock waterfalls and our waterfalls, boulders and coping products are installed on all types of pools or ponds including remodels. RicoRock® Modular Products will last many years to your backyard oasis.

LED POOL LIGHTING *Optional Upgrade
  • New Installs or Retro Fit (Replace Old Lighting)
  • Fully Automate with Bluetooth, Timer & Remote
  • High intensity Ceramic Light Engine (LED) Technology
  • Market leading brightness and efficiency
  • Direct-Connect Patented detachable electrical connection - Ease Replacement
  • Up to 900lm output, RGB+W LED and detachable cable system, makes the ATOM Series the worlds most advanced underwater pool lights.
Pool Lights 1.png
Hayward MaxFlow VS Pump.png
* Included with Standard Install Packages

Hayward MaxFlo - Variable Speed Pump

  • Save Electricity & Money - A reduction in pump speed of 50% will reduce energy consumption by up to 80%

  • Programmable Interface - Easy customize speeds, countdown timers & priming time. Shows REAL TIME power consumption in Watts. Maximize Energy Savings!

  • Self Priming

  • Lexan See Through Cover - Easy basket viewing

  • It's a Hayward!

TriStar VS 900 Omni - SMART Variable Speed Pump *Optional Upgrade
  • Upgrade Smart Variable Speed Pump

  • Controls Pump, Heater, Lights through Smartphone - up to 4

  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Nest & other popular home automation systems

  • Provides industry-leading energy cost savings and can pay for itself in less than 2 seasons

  • Features EnduraDrive for long lasting performance

Hayward Pool Pump - TriStar 900 Omni.png
Cyclone Prefilter.png
* Included with Standard Install Packages
  • Standard with our Install Packages

  • Minimizes filter maintenance & saves water

  • No filter media to clean or replace

  • UV & Corrosion Proof

  • Hydraulically efficient design

  • 16 multiple hydro cyclones

  • Glass filled reinforced thermoplastic

  • Clear poly carbonate sediment chamber

  • 1" sediment purge valve

  • Easy cleaned by opening its purge valve

Hayward Swimclear Cartridge Filter
* Included with Standard Install Packages
  • Standard with our Install Packages

  • Easy to read pressure gauge

  • Dome shaped lid, allowing simple cartridge removal and replacement

  • Solid one piece moulded polymer tank

  • Tough heavy duty reusable polyester fabric with wide and deep pleats for better filter efficiency, easy cleaning & longer filter life

  • We include an extra Filter to allow you to always have an extra one when cleaning

  • It's a Hayward!

Hayward Swimclear Filter.png
Hayward - NG Heat Exchanger Details.png
* Included with Standard Install Packages (Gas or Electric)

Universal H-Series - Exclusive High Performance CUPRO Nickel Heat Exchanger

  • Built with a durable cupro nickel heat exchanger. 

  • Universal H-Series heaters boast industry-leading hydraulic performance coupled with lightning-fast speed-to-heat capability.

  • Low NOx emissions meet air quality standards in all low-NOx areas, so you can rest easy knowing their environmental impact is low

  • It's a Hayward!

Electro Heat - Heat Pump
* Included with Standard Install Packages (Gas or Electric)

No access to NG or Propane... No Problem. ElectroHeat is your cost effective way in using electricity - Studies show more efficient than NG or Propane

  • Economically keep your pool warm 24hrs a day.

  • Compared to Gas and Electric Heaters, the ElectroHeat uses just a fraction of the energy to generate the same amount of heat.

  • Only requires energy to operate a compressor and a fan motor, using low amperage in the process

Waterco Heat Pump.png
Waterco Heat Pump - Chart.png
* Included with Standard Install Packages

Automatic Chlorine Feeders

  • Standard with our Install Packages

  • Uses large or small slow dissolve tablets or sticks

  • Dial control valve lets you control and adjust the rate of feed

  • Easy-Lok™ threaded cover for safe and convenient access to add tablets or sticks

  • Unique finger release catch provides extra security

  • 9 pound tablet capacity

Hayward Automatic Chlorine Feeder.png
PuraVida Ultra Violet Water Sanitizer *Optional Upgrade
  • Optional Upgrade - Recommended

  • A safe and eco-friendly water purification system

  • Destroys micro-organisms that chlorine or salt generators cannot, keeping your pool cleaner & healthier

  • Dramatically reduces chemical demand without harmful by-products

PuraVida UV Sanitizer.png
AquaRite Hayward Salt Chlorinator.png
SaltWater vs Chlorine Pools.png
  • Optional Upgrade

  • The best water quality attainable -- always crystal clear and ready for swimming

  • Soft silky feel -- no more red eyes or dry skin

  • Digital salt display and 7 diagnostic indicators

  • Savor the Cost Savings

  • Doesn't fade swimsuits & softer on skin

Salt Chlorinator System *Optional Upgrade
Sense and Dispense Chemistry Automation & More! *Optional Upgrade
  • Optional Upgrade

  • Automatically monitors & chlorinates pool using salt

  • Monitors and controls PH and sanitation

  • Controls custom-programmed schedules for water temperature, filtration, lighting, spa jets, landscape lighting, water features, sprinklers and more!

  • Fingertip control smartphone & iPad

Hayward Sense & Dispense.png
Hayward Sense & Dispense Chart.png
ICO - Pool Maint Reader.png

Pool & Spa Water Maintenance at your Fingertips

  • Optional Upgrade

  • Measures & Estimates Pool Chemistry

  • Temperature, Diagnostics & Notifications

  • Forecast & Trends

  • 24/7 days a week, ICO is always monitoring your pool or spa to ensure your water is clean and healthy

  • Connects to your Smartphone

  • Optional Upgrade

  • Sustainably designed energy efficient

  • Ultimate Cleaning Technology

  • #1 Selling Robotic Cleaning Brand

  • Simple, easy-to-use and light-weight cleaner

  • Durable tracks and a scrubbing brush - Creates friction needed to remove leaves, dirt and debris on the floor and walls

Pool Robotic Cleaner.png
AquaMatic Safety Cover.png
AquaMatic - AUTOMATIC POOL SAFETY COVER *Optional Upgrade

AquaMatic Safety Pool Cover

  • No electrics near the pool, the power pack can be placed 150ft away

  • Quick & easy to open - Approx 1ft per second

  • Patented trouble free Leading Edge Slider system and cable compensating device

  • Leaves and debris are collected when the cover is opened

  • Saves money on Chemical, Energy, and Water loss from evaporation

  • Chemical cost savings about 50% & Raise Water Temperature 6-10 degrees - Save energy 75% on heat loss

  • 20 Year warranty - 7 year on cover fabric

Coping Options.png
Startup Opening Kit.png
* Included with Standard Install Packages
  • Everything you need to operate your pool and begin swimming in a couple of days

  • Solar Cover & Reel

  • Manual Vacuum & Hose

  • Pole & Leaf/Debris Catcher

  • Winter Shutdown Tarp

  • Starting Chemical Package includes;

    • Stain & Scale Remover​

    • PH up

    • PH down

    • Shock

    • Chlorine Pucks

    • Test Strips


Wire-Free Security & Safety Camera's

  • Optional Upgrade

  • Person Detection

  • Long Distance Wireless Range 450ft

  • 2 Way Talk

  • Ultra Wide Angle Lense 140 Degrees

  • Infrared Nigh Vision

  • Solar Panel Power

  • Smart Home & Smart Phone Capability

Security & Safety Camera's.png

NOTICE Disclaimer

Please note: That pending on the availability of the above noted "Included with Standard Install" we reserve the right to change or upgrade to similar or better product, equipment, or supplies without notice.

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