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How It Works?

Let us do all the work... You enjoy the sun!

Step 1: Choose your Pool Design & Contact Us

Generally the 1st Step is to determine your budget and exactly what your wanting for your backyard oasis. We can pretty much look after you on anything you desire; whether it be Water Falls, Lights & Sounds, Bubblers, Infinity Edges, Pool & Spa combo, Fire Features, Aqua Park, Auto Safety Covers, or a complete Full Automation Package right from your Smartphone or Popular Smart Home Automations (ie: Amazon Alexa, Nest and others)… we can ensure you get exactly what you want. Generally as a rule, this is a good cost budget to help you determine the size of pool your looking for;
Full installation of a Fiberglass pool starts around $45k-$50k. Pending on the intensity, location, accessories (ie: Waterfalls, Bubblers ect.) & size of pool will adjust accordingly. This includes everything you'll need to be up and swimming in a few days. Packages include; Installation (Dig and Backfill), Landscape & Engineer Drawings, Pumps, Prefilters, Cartridge Filters, Gas/Electric Heater, Plumbing & Concrete Collar. *Do-It-Yourself packages also available... Please contact us and we'll answer any questions you may have!

Step 2: Create a Site Plan

Drawing of your backyard or area. Visit your City or Municipalities website for full details on the bylaws required for installing a pool in your area. Typical usual setbacks from property lines and permanent structures (ie: house) is 3 to 5 feet, and a 6ft fence around yard with lockable gate. Some areas will allow a lockable safety cover in place of fence if you choose to not have a fence. Click Here to download Site Plan Design Kit Submit your drawing into us and our Designer's will create a full Detailed Drawing & 3D video so you can virtually see how your backyard oasis will look. This same package is used for your Permit Application.

Step 3: Submit your Permit Application

Go online to your Municipality or County and submit your application. We will assist you on this process.

Step 4: Installation Date

Upon permit approval and pool availability we will schedule an installation date that works with your schedule.

Step 5: Life As It Should Be

Installation day arrives and construction begins & you'll be swimming in a few days for a lifetime of fun... LIFE AS IT SHOULD BE.

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* All job time frames can vary based on weather conditions, intensity of job, size of job, obstructions, or any other unforeseen conditions. We cannot guarantee or warranty installation time.

How much does it cost to put a in-ground FG pool into my backyard?

Full installation of a Fiberglass pool starts around $50k. Pending on the intensity, location, accessories (ie: Waterfalls, Bubblers ect.) & size of pool will adjust accordingly. This includes everything you'll need to be up and swimming in a few days. Here is a Typical Complete Install Budget Analysis; Small Style Pools: $50k to $65k Medium Style Pools: $65k to $85k Large Style Pools: $85k to $100k+ We also offer DIY pool packages to save on installation costs, which could save you about $15k-$30k, pending on the pool size and intensity of the job Contact Us to learn more!

Can I have my pool running in the winter?

Yes. Some of our customers run their pool year round. You will require a Shed to store the equipment and a insulated cover. With boiler high efficiency, its really feasible to keep in operation in Winter.

Is it difficult to run a pool?

No. We fully set you up & teach you everything you need to know. It's recommended to test your pool daily & clean any debris, which takes no more that 5 to 20 minutes daily. You can also have Auto Testing, Salt Chlorinators, and Robot cleaners which pretty much do all the work for you.

Is a Salt Chlorinator good?

Yes. a few years ago, we maybe sold to 15-25% of our customers. Today, its raised to over 75% choosing Salt Chlorinators. Save on costs, Softer on skin, not itchy or dry skin, doesn't fade skin suits, and easier on eyes (especially if your sensitive). The one draw back is because its Salt, it can be corrosive to concrete, plants & soil. Recommend to design your landscaping accordingly where you walk when getting out of pool as the water drips off you.

Is there warranty of the pool?

Yes. Dolphin warranties their pools for 35 Years in defect in workmanship in fiberglass laminate of a pool. To review full Warranty, please click here

Why should I get a Fiberglass Pool?

Fiberglass Pools are the most cost effective, environmentally friendly pool choice, great for your family and the environment. Fiberglass pools high tensile strength allows the pool to flex without cracking making it ideal for regions with extreme temperature changes. Gel coat finish makes it the easiest pool to maintain as the surface is chemically inert therefore it does not alter the pools water chemistry, which means you do not need to use as many chemicals to keep your water balanced. The smooth seemless gel coat surface not only feels great but also does not allow for algae to bond to the pool, you can just sweep it away. Making a fiberglass pool the best choice for busy families. Instead of maintaining your pool, you will be enjoying it. Using less chemicals to maintain your water chemistry and never needing to replace a liner makes a fiberglass pool the environmentally smart choice. Please refer to chart below to compare...