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Cute Toddler in Pool


- Fully unsecured loans

- No fees, no interest charges and no penalties for early payouts

- Low Interest Rates

- Completely open to pay out anytime

- Finance your new pool for approx. $315/mth* - Backyard for approx. $210/mth*

(*) Payments are approximate and are for example purposes only. Financing is subject to qualification, and final interest rate, terms and conditions will be based on approved credit (OAC) and include optional credit insurance coverage.


  • Keep money for emergencies / investments / opportunities

  • Keep credit line open for EIO

  • It takes a long time to save cash, why start over

  • Remortgaging the balance over 25 years on average will cost substantially more

  • Don’t get hung up on rates, small amounts borrowed will not cost that much

  • Credit lines are generally secured by home – limiting your borrowing power

  • People pay out credit lines mainly by including them in mortgage, so why increase it and pay more interest over an average 25 year amortization

  • Pay off your mortgage sooner by not including this purchase

  • Banks are making enough interest on a long-term mortgage, isn’t it time you start to save some of that?

  • By having a short term loan with an early payout option, with no charges, gives you more control of your money and buying power

Finance Examples - AquaWavepools.png
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